Kolar Iyers

History of the people from Ashtagrama

Famous Personalities



Dikshithar family has performed the Poundarika yagam, Garudashayanam and Agnisthoma  yagas.   Sri Kashipathy Dikshith was gifted five villages to maintain the rituals.  He gifted four villages to a Madhva mutt (Majjigenahally mutt) at Tambihally and retained one village for the family.


Thyli Sri Subba Sastry alias Gurappa Sastry was a Vedic scholar and authority on Dharma sastra. His opinions and clarifications on Vedic rituals and codes was sought after by Sri Sringeri mutt


Sri Pattu Venkatesha Sastry was a profound Sanskrit scholar.


Margasahayam Sri Subramanya Sastry was an astrologer of repute.  His son Rama Iyer was a nominated member of the Representative assembly for a long period.


Master Shamanna of Devarayasamudram was a Mathematician and Astronomer, an authority on Panchanga sutra.  His son Sri D.S. VenkataRama Iyer (Mestru Venkatarama) was also a Vedic scholar and a reputed astrologer.


Sri Subbavadhani was a Sanskrit scholar and an authority on Yajurveda.


Sri Ananda Maharaj (Appachhi Rama) was a Sanskrit scholar who embraced sanyasa.


Pandith Ramaswamy Shastry of Sadahally (originally from Chamarahally) was a Vedic scholar of repute.


Sahityalankara Kavibhushana Vyakyana Vachaspathi Dr.K.S. Nagarajan was a Sanskrit scholar and a poet


Sri V. Suryanarayan, a scholar, has formed a public trust “Foundation of Vedic Sciences” for propagation of Hindu ethics.  Author of a number of books and actively involved in several religious and cultural activities. .


Dr. Prabhavathi Nagaraj (daughter-in-law of Sri R.S.Narayana Iyer of Devarayasamudram) is a Sanskrit scholar.


Sri Ranga N.Nagaraj (son of Sri R.S. Narayana Iyer of Devarayasamudram) is a Sanskrit scholar.


Smt. Asha Srinivas a Sanskrit Scholar.


Sri D. Subrahmanyaiah was also popularly known as “Kaya Subbu” in the community, a holistic personality, and sublime and at the same time pragmatic.  He lived Vedantha.  He was well versed in Vedic lore and knew Sanskrit very well.  He was one of the earliest migrants from Devarayasamudram to Bangalore.  A very highly respected person in the community and a roll model to many purohiths.  He has laid down guidelines for tidy performances of Pujas and Shraddha ceremonies.


Sri Margasahayam Visweshwara Sastry of (Cholangunte), Sri D.N.Rama Sastry (Bhangi Ramu), Sri D. Narayana Sastry, Sri Baloo Vaadyar, Sri Kutti Vaadyar, Sri Ananthanarayana Avadhani (Abboo Nana), Sri Venkatashamanna (of Ganjigunte), Sri Ramavadhani, Sri Papavadhani, Sri Chikka Ramavadhani (Akkanna) were all Vedic scholars and reputed purohiths.