Kolar Iyers

History of the people from Ashtagrama

Famous Personalities



Sri Y.V. Subrahmanyam was a pioneer in the Hotel Industry among Ashtagrama people.  He was the legendary founder President of the Ashtagrama Association.  He was well known for his cultural and religious propensities in social circles.


Other leading persons in Hotel Industry are:


Sri Layak Nana, expert caterer who accompanied the Yuvaraja of Mysore to Japan.


Sri K, Bheema Iyer and brothers Sri Narayana Iyer and Sri Venkatesha Iyer of Hassan.


Sri Visweswara Iyer (Madanapalli Appu) of Yarangatta, Madanapalli.


Sri S, Subramanaya Iyer and Sri S.Narayana Iyer (sons of late Akkanna Srinivasa Iyer)


Sri Suryanarayana Iyer and Sri Kashi Vishweswara Iyer of Kolar.


Sri Srinivasa Iyer and his Brother Dadoo Subbaraya’s family of Ganjigunte, Hotel business in Hoskote.


Sri Linga Iyer (son of Sri Venkataraya of Sadahalli and maternal uncle of Sri Y.V.Muniswamy Iyer) , Hotels in Malur.


Sri Rama Iyer and brothers, sons of Sri Nangli Shama Iyer of Ganjigunte.


Sri D.K.Rama Iyer of Ganjigunte.


Sri Srinivasa Iyer and Sri Shama Iyer of Durgi family


Sri Maddur Srinivasa Iyer , Hotels in Maddur, Bluff etc.


Sri Rama Iyer (Idli Rama Iyer) of Ganjigunte.


Sri Baga Viswehwara Iyer of Bangarpet, Sri Suryanarayana Iyer of Sivasamudram, Sri G.N.Ramachandra Iyer of Madanapalli, Sri D.V. Srikanta Iyer of Chowdepalli.


Sri M.N. Sampangi Ramaiah, Bangalore, Hotel Industry and Timber merchants.


Sri K.R. Srinivasan (also known as cement Srinivasan) and his brother Sri K.R. Subrahmanyam, were leading businessmen in Cement and steel


Rajasevasaktha Sri J.N. Iyer of Bombay was a reputed Industrialist. He was the President of Mysore Sangha, Kannada Sangha and several other associations rendering social service.  His sons Sri J.N.Srinivasan and Sri .J.N.S. Murthy are actively involved in various social activities in Bombay and  Devarayasamudram.


Sri G.N. K. Iyer of Ganjigunte village, who settled in Bombay, was the Textile commissioner and a leading industrialist in textile business. He has contributed for the improvement of temples at his native place. 


Sri V.S. Anantha Iyer, established “Srinivasa Dyeing Factory” for dyeing various types of textiles and sarees.   He was also the President of the Ashtagrama Association.


Sri T. S. Narayana Iyer and brothers Sri T. S. Shivaswamy and others of Thyli family were leading businessmen and contractors..  T. S. Shivaswamy has constructed beautiful twin gopurams for Adi Shankara and Sri Sharadamba temples at Shankarmutt, Bangalore. He was also the president of the Ashtagrama Association.


Sri V. Srinivasan, also known as “ Bhivandivala Srinivasan” was a leading Industrialist. He was a Philatelist and a numismatic expert.  He was also the President of the Ashtagrama Association.


Sri V. Krishna, brother of Sri V. Srinivasan, is a leading Industrialist and Proprietor of “Vijaya Engineers”.


Sri A. Shivarama Iyer (son of Sri Yelagondahally Anantha Iyer)  is a Chief Engineer (Retd) and  established an Industry called “Windson industries”


Sri D.S.V. Iyer- a handloom expert deputed by United Nations to Burma and Indonesia to develop Handloom industry. Technical consultant to World trade centre.


Sri Baji Venkatesha Iyer, (Son of Baji Venkataram) Ganjigunte.