Kolar Iyers

History of the people from Ashtagrama

Famous Personalities



Shathavadhani Dr R. Ganesh is a versatile genius of the community, who has a worldwide reputation for his knowledge and proficiency in about 17 languages.   He is a Sanskrit Scholar and an authority on various subjects including literature, Epics, Vedas, Puranas etc and a very capable speaker on all subjects.  He has given hundreds pf performances of Ashtavadhana and Shathavadhana   and is the author of a number of books.  He is the recipient of several awards from the State of Karnataka and The President of India and a number of highly reputed organizations throughout the world.


Padmashree Dr. T. S. Satyan is a world renowned photographer, who has brought out his marvelous work entitled “ Mirror to Time” He has depicted in it the minds of the Uncommon, renowned –unrenowned persons reflected through his camera and the historical events. He is the recipient of several awards from the Government and organizations


Sri K.V. Iyer was a world renowned Scholar and was a Masseur to His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore and a very popular personality in the community.   “Vyayamashala” established by him in Bangalore is a popular landmark


Dr. Sheila Iyer, daughter of Dr NKA Iyer, working in ISRO is a proficient in Russian Language.


Sri Parehosahally Narayanswamy was a wrestler of renown.


Sri K.S. Sachhidananda murthy, Resident editor of popular periodical “The WEEK”, now settled in Delhi.


Sri K.S. Iyer is a reputed wrestler and was called “Jatti mama” He was running a physical culture school in cantonment area of Bangalore.   His son Sri K.S. Nagaraj, (also called as colour Nagaraj) is a photographer of repute, who worked as the Deputy Director of Information and Broadcasting of central govt.   He accompanied former prime minister of India, Mrs Indira Gandhi during her foreign tours.


Sri Regret Iyer, A reputed lensman, cartoonist, Freelance journalist.  Proprietor of “Regret Iyer Publications”.  Holder of Guinness Book of world records.


Smt. Soundarya was the daughter of Sri K.S. Sathyanarayana (and Grand daughter of Patel Subramanya Iyer) of Ganjigunte village.   She was a very famous film actress, very helpful to all.   Unfortunately, she died at a very young age in a tragic plane crash accident. 


Sangeetha Vidushi Smt. V. Sharada (Daughter of Sri V.V. Iyer, Bhadravathi)