Kolar Iyers

History of the people from Ashtagrama

BOOKS  PUBLISHED  by   “Regret Iyer Publications”


1. Namma Halli, Namma Jana( Ashtagramagalu) series: in Kannada

Books in this series: Kotthamangala, Ganjigunte, Chamarahally, Tattanagunte, Devarayasamudram, Yelagondahally (in print).  Remaining 10 villages are to be covered shortly.


These books give a vivid picture of  each village from ancient times to the present day.

2. KOLAR IYERS -English translation of original “Ashtagrama”  book in Kannada written by

Sri Y.M.C.Sharma

In this book there is a study of Ashtagrama Iyers in detail, about their origin, native places, their migration from time to time, their Vedic culture, tradition and heritage, their lifestyle, social concerns and their progressive development in the modern age.

3. Platinum personalities (in English)

This book contains the profiles of Presidents of The Ashtagrama Association, Bangalore from 1933 – 2008.

4. Manoranjani (in Kannada) authored by Smt N.K.Lalithamba,

This book contains a detailed account of the life style of the Ashtagrama villages in general as it was about 80 years ago with details of  each families  in the village of Ganjigunte and the profiles of  many personalities and has received good reviews.

Future Projects of the Regret Iyer Publications, about the Ashtagrama community:

Publications of the books on the remaining villages of Ashtagrama.

International edition of “Kolar Iyers” book.

Preparation of Family charts (Vamsha Vriksha) of the Ashtagrama families.

Directory of Ashtagrama people in all parts of the world, with their brief profile.

 Directory of Doctorate degree holders from Ashtagrama villages.


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Photo of all the books released so far: