Kolar Iyers

History of the people from Ashtagrama

Famous Personalities



Dr. K. R. Krishnaswamy (London Kittu).  –First person in the community to travel abroad in 1928 and obtain a doctorate degree.


Dr. S.R. Jagadeesh.


Dr. G. V. Anantha Iyer (of Ganjigunte)


Dr. K. S. Gopalakrishna.


Sri G, V. Subrahmanyam (of Ganjigunte)


Dr. Jayashree (Grand daughter of Sri R.S.Narayana Iyer of Devaryasamudram. )


Sri Sridhara Murthy, ISRO, Bangalore.


Dr. N.K. Anantha Narayana Iyer (of Ganjigunte) is the son of Sri N.Kashipathy Iyer of Ganjigunte village of Ashtagrama.  Dr Iyer was the first person in the community to travel to the United States of America and obtain a Doctorate degree.  He went to USA during the period of World War II and obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Washington, Seattle during 1946 with distinction. After his education he occupied a very post in Margherita, in Upper Assam, India.  In the later years he returned to his native place and settled in a small village Dodda Honnasetty Halli near Devarayasamudram and started a social work movement called “GRAMA VIKAS”, which is now catering to the services of the poor and ignorant villagers.  This movement is now spread out in several districts of Karnataka state.