Kolar Iyers

History of the people from Ashtagrama


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Ashta: Sanskrit: Eight

Grama: Sanskrit: Village


Ashtagrama: Eight Villages


Ashtagrama Iyers of Kolar District in Karnataka, India, welcome all to this Website.  They are also popularly recognized as DEVARAYASAMUDRAM IYERS or more widely known as KOLAR IYERS; Kolar being the district headquarters of these villages and is easily recognized,  it is appropriate to identify these Iyers as “KOLAR IYERS”.


In the state known as Karnataka in India there is a small community of Tamil speaking Brahmins known as “Ashtagrama Iyers” scattered among some villages in Kolar, Bangarpet and Mulabagal taluks. The Ashtagrama name was derived since the early settlers came to original eight villages which later spread into sixteen villages and all these villages are identified as Ashtagrama villages.  All those who migrated from the  Northern regions of Tamilnadu, mainly from Kanchipuram, about 500 years ago consider themselves as belonging to Ashtagrama Iyers of the Vadama sect.   Among these sixteen villages, Devarayasamudram is the biggest and recognized as the Headquarters of this group of Iyers and hence they are also easily identified as Devarayasamudram Iyers.